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Our mission is to inspire others to share their story and live to their full potential.

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Mercedes is the Creator of Dose Of Inspiration246, a positive, motivational platform that inspires and encourages through storytelling.

Dose of Inspiration246 is a platform for others to share their story in hope of motivating and allowing people to know that they're not alone in this process called life. This is your safe space, a no judgement zone.

We discuss spirituality, relationships, daily struggles, adulthood, success, self love, life, self development and so much more. This website will be filled with empowerment, positivity and motivation. Feeling all alone and need someone to vent to? Need a dose of inspiration? YOU WILL FIND THAT HERE!

May we grow together as a community and learn from each other's life experiences.

Disclaimer :We all have different beliefs and opinions, nothing posted on this website should be taken as golden. We're just sharing our journey and opinions with you.




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